Semporna is a town located in the district of Tawau division, in the east coast of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. The town itself is fairly small in size and can easily be explored by foot or by taxi. While you are at the town itself, you may wish to visit what the locals refer to as the haunted Skull Hill (Bukit Tengkorak in the Malay language).


Lovely Islands in Semporna

Pom Pom Island
Pom Pom Island is a paradise for travelers on the look out for white sandy beach, crystal clear water and luxurious chalets to relax and capture memories.
Mataking Island.jpg
Mataking Island exposes its beauty with pristine white sandy beach and gorgeous aquamarine salt water. It is the destination for beach holiday and honeymoon!
Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort.jpg
Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort, laid out like a beautiful village rising out from the ocean. Experience diving & watching thousands of fish flit beneath your feet.
Pom Pom Island.jpg
Experience world class scuba diving with Celebes Beach Resort in Pom Pom Island. Surrounded by stunning coral reefs and beach, offering 70 top diving sites.

More beautiful islands and dive spots in Sabah

Great Rainforest and Rivers near Semporna

It is about 10-15 minute drive out of town. The hill is named as such to remind the locals of the beheading activities that took place on several prisoners of war by Japanese soldiers stationed there during the Second World War. The trek to the peak is rather steep but well-maintained with wooden staircase that offers spectacular viewing platforms at the top which is well worth the climb. There is a museum at the base of the hill housing a number of archaeological remains found within the vicinity.

Another tourism activity within this region is the the Regatta Lepa traditional boat races which occur annually in April where the Semporna town is nominated the location for the finish line of Eco-Challenge: Borneo, held in 2000. Off the coast is a marine park called Tun Sakaran Marine Park also known as the Islands Park and was gazetted by Sabah Parks in 2004.

Semporna is known for its beautiful islands such as Mataking Island, Pom Pom Island and divers paradise – Sipadan Island, which are all, located in the Celebes Sea. There is also the Mabul Island which is known for its small marine life. If one is looking for cheaper and crowded destination, then Mabul would offer travelers this solution. However, for travelers who wish to pay a bit more in exchange for privacy in paradise, white sandy beaches, clear & clean aquamarine salt water, then Mataking and Pom Pom island would be the recommended destinations.