Danum Valley Conservation Area

Danum Valley is your gateway to experience the ancient tropical rainforest which is set in the district of Lahad Datu, Sabah. The area covers 438sq km tract that is left unlogged solely for conservation hence making it known as the Danum Valley Conservation Area.

The Danum Valley Conservation Area is a spacious paradise not just for amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals but also home to different species of flora and fauna. Keen naturalists or holiday makers have the opportunity to experience this mystical jungle either by staying a few nights at the Danum Valley Field Center or the Borneo Rainforest Lodge.

Tours and Accommodation in Danum Valley

Danum Valley Field Center (DVFC).jpg
Danum Valley Field Center offers keen naturalists the opportunity to discover the beauty of the ancient rainforest along with the wildlife of Borneo.
Danum Valley
Danum Valley Opulence introduces you to the ancient rainforest by cycling in and out of the jungle. A perfect additional activity to discover Borneo Rainforest
Bike your way through the tropical rainforest of Silam Mountain and Taliwas before residing to swim at the Taliwas River and strolling to the Taliwas Lake.
Danum Valley Field Center (DVFC).jpg
The Danum Valley Adventure at DVFC offers you the opportunity to discover the off beaten tracks of the tropical rainforest through cycling and jungle trekking.
Book off the beaten track Borneo's Wildlife Safari at Kawag Danum Rainforest Lodge with Bike and Tours! It’s a place to experience the rainforest and nature.
*Danum Valley Borneo Rainforest Lodge
Book your adventure at the luxurious Borneo Rainforest Lodge with Bike and Tours. It's your chance to discover the wildlife and pristine jungle of Borneo.

Kawag Danum Rainforest Lodge

The Kawag Danum Rainforest Lodge is a great ecotourism initiative and development for nature lovers and outdoor seekers. Only about 1 and half hours drive from Lahad Datu, Kawag is located on the same road that leads to Danum Valley. Secluded and off the beaten track, Kawag Danum Rainforest Lodge is positioned in a logged-over Kawag Forest Area which has been given considerable time to heal and re-forested.

The Kawag Forest Area has received the much-needed support from both local and international stakeholders in terms of forest restoration & rehabilitation and wildlife monitoring efforts. This is in hope to bring the jungle back to life. The jungle life filled with rich flora, fauna and wildlife. This is still work in progress. However, this recently established lodge is already offering challenging jungle trekking routes that lead to magnificent view during the break of dawn, night drive for the nocturnal wildlife search, fun tubing activities by the river, the Ali Baba Waterfall for a nice cooling dip after the jungle trekking session, natural fish spa experience and many more.

Visitors who have spent a few days at the Kawag Forest Area would have been lucky enough to sight animals such as the pygmy elephants, civets, banteng (wild cattle), orang utan, gibbons, flying squirrels and different species of birds. Having said that, one should always have low expectations in terms of sighting the wildlife. This is after all a jungle and not a zoo. Luck, timing and season of the year are all important elements to sight the wildlife. In our humble opinion should one wish to visit Kawag with expectations to sight plenty of wildlife, then perhaps this place is not what you are looking for. However, if one wishes to visit Kawag with the intentions to experience peace and tranquility set in the beauty of nature and away from the tourist crowd, to enjoy jungle trekking sessions, to jump in the clear river and the Jacuzzi of the waterfall – then Kawag is definitely the “off the beaten track” spot you are looking for.

Taliwas Forestry and Recreation Area

Taliwas Rainforest is located about 40km from Lahad Datu. Easily noticeable yet easily missed when one is on the way to Danum Valley! The Taliwas Rainforest was recently classified as a First Class Forest Reserve and offers its visitors a chance to sight the wildlife such as macaques, monitor lizards, wild boar and during the migration season the pygmy elephants.

Taliwas’ visitors often the locals frequent the recreation area during school and public holidays for picnic or barbeque by the Taliwas River or hike to the Taliwas Waterfall. Bike and Tours offer the chance for their guests to cycle from Silam Mountain/Junction to Taliwas. The easy and relaxing cycling ride will give guests a chance to be exposed to the local villages and often well maintained gravel road set along the secondary forest. The ride will lead you to a cool dip at the Taliwas River and enjoy bird watching opportunities at the Pandan Lake.