Lahad Datu

Bike and Tours is located in the district of Lahad Datu - a small country town that is at times referred to as the “Cowboy town”. Despite the rustic appearance and name referrence, Lahad Datu is a special place to visit should one is interested in the sociological development of this part of the world.


Tours and Accommodation in Lahad Datu

Sungai Kapur (DJI_0013).jpg
Expedition to Sungai Kapur is a one in a lifetime experience! Includes jungle trekking, wildlife spotting, night safari & scenic mangrove river cruises.
Orang-Utan 2 .jpg
Bukit Piton day tour offers wildlife observation for orangutan & wildlife plus contribute towards conservation by planting a tree & supporting the local market.
Danum Valley Field Center (DVFC).jpg
Danum Valley Field Center offers keen naturalists the opportunity to discover the beauty of the ancient rainforest along with the wildlife of Borneo.
In Danum Valley, trek the road less trolled. Taliwas Falls offers breathtaking jungle beauty. A great way to spend your Borneo holidays with your loved ones.
Tabin River Lodge Night
Book Tabin Wildlife Resort's 3D2N safari through us at Bike and Tours! It's a place to experience adventure, wildlife sightings and nature.
Our Bed and Breakfast in Lahad Datu is an oasis equipped with comfortable rooms and serves as a base for travelers before and after their nature adventures.
Lahad Datu Market
Visit the rustic market of Lahad Datu with Bike and Tours as we share with you information on the type of food we consume and the cultural aspect of the locals
Mount Silam Lahad Datu
The Mount Silam ride is a great way to have a scenic hawk eyes view of the Darvel Bay and Lahad Datu Town. Enjoy the ride with your family, friends or partner.
Diving and Snorkeling in Lahad Datu
Diving in Lahad Datu that even surprises the locals. Take the plunge and see the beauty of the underwater world at the shipwreck and coral garden.
Cooking Class
Cooking class in Lahad Datu based on authentic recipes from the heart! Join homecook Itisha as she shares with you Malay dishes passed through generations.
Bike and Tours Rent a Bike
Rent a bicycle with Bike and Tours and explore Lahad Datu and its surroundings at your own pace and at your own lead.
yoga in Lahad Datu.jpg
Experience Yoga with Jaren at Bike & Tours. Some downtime in between tours is much needed for the mind, body & soul. Yoga is the solution to one's inner peace.

The name Lahad Datu originates from the Bajau language which means “A place of royals” – bestowed on the town by noble-blooded Bajau people who migrated from the Sulu Island in the late 19th Century (Thiessen, 2012)

Given the time, there is more to Lahad Datu than just a “stopover” as some claimed. For those who like to shy away from the touristic spots, this is the place to be. But one needs to be independent, mingle with the locals and explore this rustic town with no expectations. Lahad Datu is a strategic mid point for travelers to and from Semporna, Kinabatangan, Tabin and Danum Valley. Besides the much talked about Danum Valley and Tabin, which is located in the district of Lahad Datu, there are a few other hidden gems in Lahad Datu that even some of the locals are not aware of.

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