Lahad Datu Market

Lahad Datu Market Tour

If you are one of those people referred to as a “market enthusiast” or someone who could spend hours at a supermarket and end up with just a loaf of bread or nothing at all, or your idea of traveling is to have at least one market tour on your list to do, then this Lahad Datu Market Tour is for you. However, be prepared that this market visit is really as local as it could get. The town itself is a small humble town, the locals are honored and often a time surprised as to what or why a traveler would want to visit their authentic market. Just as a traveler would view the locals and the goods they sell at the market as something unique, the traveler would be an attraction to the locals!

The market visit that Bike and Tours conduct in Lahad Datu. would take you on a local adventure to the 4 designated rustic markets – dried fish market, vegetable and fruit market, chicken market and finally the wet fish market. Closed shoes are recommended as our local market can be wet and may not be pleasant to some travelers. During the tour you will get the opportunity to interact with the locals and be introduced to their way of living. Besides the local produce, you get the opportunity to be exposed to the cultural aspects surrounding this countryside area.

Lahad Datu Market Tour with Itisha

Duration: About 1 hour

Transfer from Bike and Tours B&B to the authentic Lahad Datu market.

  • Visit to the Dry Fish Market - it is not just dried fish that's available here. Discover what other types of marine life are traditionally dried and how it is used in local cuisine.
  • Visit to the Vegetable Market - check out the local produce – green and roots, herbs and salads and more.
  • Visit to the Fruit Market – abundance of tropical fruit such as mangosteen, mangoes, pineapple, banana, pomelo, durian, salak (snake fruit), soursop and many more.
  • Visit to the Chicken Market – in 2016, the wooden building of the chicken market collapsed. The municipal are working on reestablishing the new poultry market. So for the moment, the stall to this market is by the roadside.
  • Visit to the Wet Fish Market – this in our opinion is the most buzzing market. Find out the local catch that ranges from different variety of fishes, squids, shrimps, shellfishes, seaweed and many more!!!

Return to Bike and Tours B&B.

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  • Return transfer from Bike and Tours B&B to the Market
  • Free tasting of the local fruit

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