Tabin or Danum Valley, Danum Valley Field Center, Bukit Piton, Kawag or Taliwas?

As for Tabin and Danum Valley, it is hard to choose. Tabin is unique for its mud volcano area which is a wildlife playground during the late afternoon or in the evening. Some parts of the Tabin area (on the way to the national park) is with palm oil plantation so as such the scenery, in our humble opinion is not as majestic and as mystical as in Danum Valley.

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Further Highlights

Having said that we have not personally stayed in Tabin before but the guests who went there said it was great and that they so many animals and different species of birds in the wild. But they were also quick to say that they were lucky as the people who visited the place before them did not see the things they saw.

Just a bit on Danum Valley that we would like to share with you: There are two types of accommodation at Danum Valley, The Borneo Rainforest Lodge (BRL) /which provides luxury in the unique setting of tropical rainforest. With such high standards and accommodation, the cost to stay is rather dear but well worth the money and definitely a jungle experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life! Throughout the years we have organized for our guests visit to the BRL and all have been very happy with their visit there. There was only one elderly couple who were not happy with the fact that the BRL team cut the grass during the day. They were however, happy with the jungle trekking sessions by the team there.

The other accommodation at Danum Valley is at the Danum Valley Field Center. Though it is a place for researchers it also opens its doors to naturalists. It is the place to be if you are into discovering and appreciating the tropical rainforest and its wildlife. Jungle trekking activity is what visitors come to do here. There is also a 30m tree for you to climb and upon reaching the rooftop be introduced to the spectacular view of the Danum Valley Jungle. A ranger may not always be available but there are trails where you can explore and discover on your own. A ranger/guide is useful for spotting wildlife as seeing wildlife in the Borneo rainforest is different to seeing the wildlife in the savannahs of Africa, for example. So just to set expectations though there are plenty of wildlife in Danum Valley, chances to encounter one will depend on timing and luck. The primary rainforest at Danum Valley is dense, creating plenty of room for the wildlife to roam about and shy away when encounter human.