TV8; Lets Cycle "Danum Valley"

Recently, Bike and Tours had the opportunity to host a popular show by 8TV called ‘Lets Cycle!’. We are more than happy to welcome them and couldn’t wait for them to experience our Danum Valley Cycling Adventure.

Reaching Lahad Datu late in the evening and needing a cozy place to rest over the night, both of the casters, Baki and Rickman, was greeted warmly by the proprietors of Bike and Tours, Simon and Itisha at the family-run Bed and Breakfast in Lahad Datu. Simon then leads them to their freshly made rooms complete with air-conditioners for a well-deserved sleep.


Waking up to a warm sunny weather, Baki had a quick refreshing dip in our humble pool nestled in our rainforest-like garden before getting ready for breakfast. Their morning started off sweet where they are served creamy oats topped with fresh bananas and dates, drizzled with honey and garnished with an edible bright blue ‘bunga telang’ (aka pea-flower). Their second serving to complete the hearty breakfast was a homemade roti with cheese and egg on the side served with fresh tomato salsa and lentil curry, which is specially made by Itisha. The breakfast is served at our outdoor garden, perfect for everyone who loves a leisurely morning to chat away over free flow of coffee/tea. So, don’t forget to try our delicious Bike and Tours breakfast during your stay. Its truly a gastronomical experience that one should not miss. We then informed them to be mentally ready for a day of adventure of the Danum Valley Cycling.

In the afternoon, 8TV proceeded a visit to the Taliwas Rainforest which was recently classified as a First Class Forest Reserve and is a home to various wildlife such as macaques, monitor lizards, wild boar, and many more. Coming here with the excitement to cycle through the villages and lush tropical green rainforest, we couldn’t let them go-forth with the exploration without enjoying our freshly cooked lunch served in a perfect set up next to a cool flowing river. Both of them were impressed at how beautiful the scenery was and couldn’t wait to experience our Danum Valley Cycling to witness more majestic view. Whilst enjoying their home-styled Laksa Johor, Simon and Itisha sat with them to talk about the journey in running their humble business beginnings and other tour packages that Bike and Tours offer.

Came the time that they have anticipated, we briefed them shortly on do’s and don’ts of cycling from Taliwas rainforest to Danum Valley. With everyone on their bike, we proceed on pedalling forward into the tropical rainforest breathing in the freshness of the mountain. With the jungle on each of our side, Baki and Rickman pedalled slowly basking in the incredible nature that city boys like them rarely sees. The ‘after-rain’ weather was a perfect time for small insects and the wildlife to come out and hunt for food. Both of them are lucky to be able to catch sight of exotic supersized bugs/insects marching along the forest floors. The sounds of the forest, cuckoo’s of the birds and screeches of the monkeys completes the silence of our cycle through Danum’s Valley deep interior. Along the way, we spotted a clouded leopard casually walking by the side of our trail. The excitement of Baki and Rickman can be seen on the light of their faces. We stopped our cycling at one of the high peaks of Danum Valley Cycling trail. Simon describes why the forest is special in its own ways and even European royalty has travelled halfway around the world to explore Danum Valley’s untouched jungle paradise.

As evening falls, 8TV crew heads to Danum Valley Field Centre for an overnight stay to experience nightlife in the jungle. The Night Safari had them in a 4x4 jeep deep into the forests of Danum Valley to witness nocturnal animals come to life. The crew had the chance to come across wildlife like Sambar Deer, Wild Boars, and even Flying Squirrels high up in the tree. These trails are guided so not only will it be a memorable sight, it will be an educational one as well!

Besides Danum Valley Cycling package, Bike and Tours offers several other adventure packages that will sure interest you! May it be a guided trekking session, canyon rides, mount cycling, river paddling or even just to witness Borneo’s biodiversity, we got you covered. You may visit our tour packages and write us an e-mail.