Immerse into a spectacular underwater world, colourful coral reef, amazing ship wrecks, magnificent blue hole and a scenic sunset to round off your day. The east coast of sabah offers you such incredible biodiversity as well as beauty above and below the water. Come and flips your fins through the pristine and clear water in Lahad Datu Bay or better known as Darvel Bay, away from the crowds. See more marine life and fewer tourists as you discover diving and snorkelling with Bike and Tours in Lahad Datu. Located between Sandakan and Semporna which often been known mostly as the gateway to the Tabin Wildlife Reserve and the Danum Valley. It is truly another Borneon wonder of nature, yet to be discovered by the masses.

Established in 2019, Bike and Tours Diving Centre is the only PADI Certified dive centre in Lahad Datu that specialises in full Padi scuba diving courses, diving pleasure, snorkelling and stress-free holiday packages. It is an excellent place to learn scuba diving from the beginner’s level up to advanced as there are numerous of dive sites for new divers and more challenging ones for experienced divers to explore.

PADI Dive Instructor; Dominic Monteroso

Our Dive Master, Dominic Monteroso is a Lahad Datu born diver who has more than 27 years of experience. He obtained his PADI Divemaster Certification in 1992 and continued diving for recreation. Four years later, he decided to share his passion of scuba diving with others and become a scuba diving instructor.

Since then, he started to work on earning his certification as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor {OWSI} in 1996, Master Scuba Diver Trainer {MSDT} and Emergency First Responder {EFR} with AED {Automated External Defibrillator} in 1998 and PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider} in 2019. As an Instructor, it is extremely rewarding to help individuals with no prior diving experience, sometimes to overcome their fear of open water, complete their Open Water certification and achieve their goal... Dominic has certified hundreds of students from Open Water through to Divemaster and looking forward to guide you through the secrets of Lahad Datu’s fascinating marine life.

Our diving centre offers PADI courses for beginners and advanced divers, e.g. “Discovery Scuba Diving, DSD” (minimum age 10 years), beginner courses (PADI Scuba Diver, PADI Open Water Diver, continue to PADI Adventure Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue Diver up to PADI Pro Level, PADI Dive Master & PADI Dive instructor. We are also fully equipped with diving gears for all sizes including 19m and 23m diving boats for your trips.

The dive / snorkelling trips take place at the pristine Silam in Darvl Bay which is only 20 minutes away from Lahad Datu town. Generally, We dive in a small groups with a maximum of 6 Fun Divers and one PADI Dive Master. Our goals are to be fun, safe and professional. We aim to bring friends and family together to create memorable experiences and appreciation towards the natural world.

Darvel Bay is home to some of the best dive sites in Sabah. It is blessed with unique features that have created diverse dive spot of great beauty and makes it an ideal location for your diving holiday.. Darvel Bay area itself is about 100,000 hectares in size, encompasses the blue hole which was discovered in 2019 and another 50 islands. Little is known that there are at least 60 dive sites in Silam itself and many more yet to be discovered.

Most of the Lahad Datu’s diving site are undisturbed and the beautiful corals can be found at the depth of 27 metres. One of the dive site is called Journalist Reefs. It has a depth of 27 - 30 metres, deep which is suitable for advance or experienced open water divers. The area is full of gigantic vase corals while on the other side is covered with white sands and huge rocks. Among the marine habitats here are blue and yellow-tail fusilier, stonefish, big eyed fish and nudibranch. Whale shark can also be seen between March and May, while schools of tuna fish are found between October and December around the Silam waters.

Experience Malaysian’s only blue hole, a visual treat that cannot be missed by the adventurous divers. Blue holes are huge sinkholes which have an opening to the surface and typically found in islands or banks with limestone coral reefs. It takes only 30 minutes boat ride from Silam Coast Conservation Area (SCCA) to this divers geological wonder. Unlike other blue holes in the world, the blue hole in this bay has two unique structures with each hole measuring 15 metres deep into the seabed. Both sides of the blue holes can be explored with just one tank of gas. Get ready to experience the breathtaking coral gardens and swim amongst loads of sea life. While large schools of mackerel can be found around the rocks along with grouper and barracuda lurking in the shadows.

For the snorkelers amongst you, this place is your heaven. Snorkeling the Blue Hole consists in moving along the vertical coral walls surrounding the sink hole where the shallows of the reef are adorned with the coral colours of the rainbow. If you are lucky, you might spot Hawksbill turtles coming up from the depths to sunbathe amongst the coral outcrops.

Other interesting dive sites that available include sunken Japanese Timber Wreck in 1980s. You can even see the clear view of the Japanese Timber Wreck from above. Once you are in the waters, you will find yourself surrounded by impressive beautiful coral garden and wonderful marine life as the clarity is around 25 metres to 30 metres only.

Not to worry if you are new to diving or snorkelling, our PADI professionals know where to find the interesting life here. They will help you spot baby sharks, hawksbill turtles, big schools of sardines and a range of micro life like nudibranchs.

Scuba divers and nature enthusiast from around the world come here every year for the unforgettable getaways. Whether you are just about to start your scuba diving adventure, a beginner or a seasoned expert scuba diver, this is the diving location you do not want to miss!

Come and pack your bags, we have comprehensive offerings for all: PADI courses, fun diving trips, and snorkeling packages. Consider taking yourself or your family for an unforgettable underwater holiday with Bike and Tours today.