Sabah Islands Honeymoon Getaway

Show the one you love what matters most, by Planning a romantic getaway that is not only memorable but relaxing as well. There are tremendous of amazing places to honeymoon in Sabah, From stunning sunset, pristine lush forest, exceptional wildlife, charming islands and romantic resorts which begs the question where do you start first. Therefore, if you want to feel like the only two people on earth, a tranquil romantic tropical island of Sabah is a perfect honeymoon destination to start your marriage life together and recover from all the wedding stresses. Secluded chalets, relaxing hammocks, refreshing spa, strolling along the shore, dreamy sunset and romantic dinner under the stars, the Sabah island honeymoon offer a truly heavenly experience. With Bike and Tours, your every need will be taken care of and all you have to do is to enjoy each other’s company to your heart’s content. So, check out these amazing islands that combine tropical surroundings with adventure for the most memorable honeymoon.(Here an overview)

Pom Pom Island

Pom Pom island has long been a popular destination for lovebirds due to its picture-perfect island settings and great diving sites. If you and your new hubby are more into grand adventure, then consider making your post wedding vacay a scuba diving excursion. Not only are the sea life and rainbow-coloured corals sights you will never forget, you can actually use the time to become scuba certified which is a great bonding experience. Lies 45 minutes boat ride from Semporna, Pom Pom Island Resort on Pom Pom is a modern beach resorts that offers world class scuba diving and courses. The peaceful sandy beaches of Pom Pom are endless, where couples can hold up in secluded resorts and sunbathe along the shore overlooking the beautiful turquoise waters . Pom Pom and the neighbouring islands are home to abundance of rare aquatic species and surrounded with gorgeous coral reefs. Therefore, the Padi dive course offers the chance for you to explore the surrounding waters and witness dazzling array of marine life. In fact, Pom Pom Island Resort’s unique location allows you to explore over 70 stunning world class dive sites all within 20 minutes of the resort. And according to some travellers, the diversity of macro life at this little unassuming island can rival the other popular macro dive destinations.

Mataking Island

10 minutes from Pom Pom island by speedboat is the Mataking island. Mataking is a tiny privately owned resort island, “ The Reef Dive Resort” in the Celebes sea. This spectacular tropical Island is a perfect destination for couples that are looking to get away from it all and revel in the simple pleasures of sand, sea and sky. The island may only be 1.4 km tip to tip, however the little gem is covered with pristine white powdery sand, amazing aquamarine seaside and rich in unique marine life. If you still want to experience the colourful underwater world without the bulky scuba tanks, perhaps you can go for a relaxing kayak or snorkeling and splash in the sparkling clear waters to discover the hidden paradise of Mataking. Looking for an island hopping? The Reef Dive Resort also offers a day trips to the world’s renowned Sipadan Island and it is only 80 minutes boat ride away. Meanwhile, another unique dive site is the magnificent shipwreck post, which is the 30 metres long wreck of the Sipadan Mermaid. It is the first underwater post office in Malaysia and only the third such post office in the world. So, don’t miss to send your honeymoon vacay postcard to your family and friends while diving at this unique location.


If you really want to splurge on an adventure you’ll never forget, you might consider packing your bags and book your honeymoon trip to the Sipadan Kapalai Resort. It’s easy to see why, when you know what the resort has to offer. Popular for honeymoons and staycation, Sipadan-Kapalai Resort is situated not far from Sipadan and Mabul island. This exclusive floating resort are actually built on a sturdy stilts on the shallow sandbanks of the ligitan reefs. Designed as an airy comfortable water village, the Sipadan-Kapalai Resort boasts 50 elegant and spacious wooden chalets offering ocean view balcony with total privacy, perfect for sun bathing or simply contemplating the great big ocean of Celebes. It is ideal for divers and non-divers, where macro life are easily accessible under the Sipadan-Kapalai Resort. One can actually stand endless hours looking at the amazing sea life darting between corals, just a couple metres below your chalet. Therefore, if you dream of spending your honeymoon days on the water, Sipadan-Kapalai Resort is a terrific choice for the newlyweds.

Lankayan Island

If you and your sweetheart truly want to get away from it all, head to the picturesque Lankayan island. It is a charming remote island chain overflows with seclusion and romance. Tucked away in the Sulu sea between Malaysia and the Philippines, Lankayan island’s tranquil tropical paradise home to just a handful of idyllic beach bungalows. What to do? You can spend all day relaxing on the soft white sands, swimming, snorkeling, diving, enjoy fresh seafood buffet and even adopt your own nest of turtle too. Furthermore, it is a nesting ground for both of the green turtles and hawksbill turtles. As a matter of fact, there are countless of turtles live in this area that even people who only do snorkeling are able to spot them underwater. Beside turtles, Lankayan is also popular for its macro marine paradise and whale sharks sightings between March to May. Thus, plan your honeymoon wisely to experience these rare marine creatures.

Selingan Turtle Island

Another perfect place to celebrate love is in the hidden eden of Selingan Turtle island. About an hour from Sandakan by speedboat, this true Borneo paradise has the largest turtle conservation project of all the islands around Sabah. It is a great place where you get to watch both hawksbill and green turtles coming ashore to nest throughout the year. Moreover, it would be so romantic when you get to release the little hatchlings to the ocean with your love ones. What’s more, your time on the Selingan Turtle island is your own. Relaxing by the beautiful beach to get those sun-kissed skin, snorkel among bright clouds of fish, sleeping peacefully under the swaying palm trees and walking hand in hand under the canopy of stars, the option just like your new life. It is definitely an ideal vacation for those who love turtles and sea.

Gaya Island

Whether you are looking for a relaxing honeymoon or one filled with adventure, Gaya Island has you covered. Here, you and your spouse can relax on stunning beaches, hike and explore the wilderness, indulging a day spa or enjoying a fresh basket picnic under the bright blue sky. Set in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marin Park, about 15 minutes by speedboat off the coast of Kota Kinabalu, Gaya Island Resort is an idyllic retreat surrounded by the pristine ocean of Nalohom Bay and ancient rainforest. This island escape is where perfection meets class and intimate experience to cherish for life. The resort offer accommodation in deluxe villas with a plethora of services such as scuba diving, snorkeling, luxury Borneo spa treatments, island hopping tours and various of couple activities you will want to checkout. And after sun down, why not enjoy a romantic dinner together overlooking the stunning views of Mount Kinabalu and surrounding beaches. From Asia Pacific region to international delicacies, you can have it all for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hence, Gaya Island Resort is the way to go if you want to combine the nature, sea and gastronomic adventure.