Sungai Kapur "North Tabin"

Sungai Kapur – North Tabin is located within the RAMSAR site and referring it to an “off the beaten path gem” is an understatement! Sungai Kapur is by far Lahad Datu’s “2in1”! To conceptualize, it is as if the jungle of Danum Valley and the Kinabatangan River meets and placed in one area. As such visitors to this coordinate can engage at jungle trekking, river cruising and night safari.


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Expedition to hidden Borneo in the remote Sungai Kapur. Experience jungle trekking, wildlife spotting, night safari adventure & a scenic mangrove river…
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Sungai Kapur expedition into the wilderness is an experience of a lifetime. Discover boundless of flora & fauna in a unique river and trekking adventure.
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Accommodation at Sungai Kapur is a rest house available for seamless transit for visitors to use in between their outdoor river and jungle adventure in Borneo.

During Bike and Tours’ recce tour to Sungai Kapur in Oct 2017, we had a memorable “back to nature” encounter. We were mesmerized and humbled to experience some nights in this Borneo rainforest. At the same time the shortage of water and electricity supply in the jungle made us appreciate the convenience of city life better. The Sabah Forestry Department has nicely built a resthouse equipped with 5 bedrooms & attached bathrooms. In this sense we did not have to stay in our tents. However, during the time of our visit the water tank was destroyed by the elephants. As such we had no water supply and had to collect the rainwater and river water for bath and washing. That was our first adaptation to jungle life.

This is a place for adventure seekers who are ready to forgo comfort and the luxuries the city has to offer. In return, one gets to experience the rare beauty of nature. To witness the different shades of green canopies that the jungle proudly signifies.

River cruises

While mangrove forests are available at quite a number of places in Sabah, Sungai Kapur – North Tabin offers its visitors spectacular sights of virgin wild mangroves and Nipah Forests.

On the river cruise expeditions, as the boat breaks the calmness of the brackish water, one gets the opportunity to observe the untouched forests that is still home to wildlife such as macaques, long nose monkeys, crocodiles and different species of birds such as the colorful kingfishers, storks and hornbills. The breathtaking backdrop of the sunrise and sunset is impressive and beyond Instagram worthy.

As night falls the phosphorus and nutrients in the water creates a magical glow. You will be amazed with the glittering effect created as the paddle touches the water. High up in the skies, millions of sparkly diamond looking stars make their appearance. Down by the river, fireflies compete with the stars. The mangroves are beautifully illuminated by the busily flashing fireflies. Now that’s Christmas trees decorated “ala natural”!

Jungle Trekking & Night Safari

The jungle trekking sessions could take a few hours depending on your thirst to explore what lies within this jungle. An easier trekking route for families with younger children and longer treks for those who can rough it out.

Challenge yourself and weave through unmarked trails, muddy grounds, crossing streams, protruding big roots barrier and the crawling leeches as you step foot in the jungle. Look out for the huge hardwood timber trees that the locals refer to as Pokok Kapur (Kapur tree). Jungle trekking session here gives a sense of happiness and hope that despite economic pursue, this part of the globe is left untouched.

On one of the nights at Sungai Kapur, jungle safari is a relaxing activity one should engage upon in search of the wildlife. Hop on a pick up truck and explore the surroundings for nocturnal such as the leopard cat, owl, civets, flying squirrel and slow lorries to name a few.