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Throughout the years we have received requests and inquiry from travelers on a complete tour that covers the highlights of West and East Sabah. Sabah is such a great state to visit and if one is given the luxury of time to slowly discover this beautiful "land below the wind" a lot of new places can be discovered, people to meet and new experiences to try that would result in long lasting memories.


Best Tours in Borneo

Lahad Datu (DJI_0017).jpg
Take the easy step and discuss with us a custom-made Borneo tour based on your preferences, budget & style
Danum Valley (DJI_0134.jpg).jpg
Explore the stunning Borneo rainforest by bike & hike, observe wildlife & village landscapes on a Sabah mangrove river cruise & admire the Danum valley sunset.
Kinabatangan River DSC00711.jpg
Experience Sabah adventure by cruising down pristine mangrove river, mud volcano & sight amazing rainforest dusk drive or wildlife spotting in this Sabah tour.
Experience Sabahs Laid Back Charms. Witness Borneo orang utans, cruise down to the Kinabatangan nature adventure & retreat at pristine Lankayan island.
Gaya Island.jpg
Sabah Chill Out takes you to discover endangered orang utans, explore Kinabatangan stunning mangroves & rejuvenate yourself at the gorgeous Gaya island.
Pom Pom Island (DJI_0026).jpg
Great highlights of Sabah (10D9N). Enjoy a pristine mangrove river cruise, orang utan trip, explore Borneo’s nature by bike & dive in to stunning coral reefs.
Kinabatangan (DSC00831).jpg
Discover Sabah at its best. From orang utan, mangrove night safari to Borneo bike & hike wilderness adventure. Ends with gorgeous marine & luxury island resort.
Danum Valley (DSC03253.jpg).jpg
Cycle and jungle trek your way to the beauty of West and East Sabah. After the adrenaline rush relax at the picturesque Mataking Island.
Danum Valley (DSC06131.jpg).jpg
Big Fat Borneo Adventure introduces you to East Sabah by river cruising & jungle trekking for wildlife & nature. This is followed by relaxing days by the…
Travel to serene Sarawak & explore the diversity of Borneo nature, food & culture. Pedal around spectacular nature & paddle down the stunning rainforest stream.
Get ready for wildlife encounters, nocturnal walk, & charming highlands. It will take you to Borneo’s nature best sites in this Sarawak Nature Experience.
Longhouse Sarawak.jpg
Explore Borneo nature & authentic culture. This Sarawak tour begins in Kuching & takes you to the heartland of the Iban, a visit to Bako & Orangutan Sanctuary.
Experience the best of tropical Borneo with Orang Utan, Bako jungle walk, exotic Iban culture & magnificent Mulu world heritage in Great Sarawak Tour (8D7N).
Tabin (DSC02892).jpg
Explore the best of Borneo! Experience unique encounters from local tribes, amazing wildlife & rainforest to spectacular limestone in this Sarawak & Sabah tour.
Mount Kinabalu Sabah.jpg
Discover Kuching heritage, Bako rainforest, up close with orang utan, trip to the heartland of Iban & relax at Gaya island in this ideal Trans Borneo tour.
Orang Utan (IMG_8343).jpg
Discover wildlife at Sepilok & explore the wilderness of Kinabatangan river & Danum valley. Relax by the gorgeous Gaya beach & take a shopping trip to KL city.

However, we understand that not everyone is given the luxury of time to travel. One's work place policy and other commitments may only allow for 2 weeks to discover this beautiful state. Placing this factor into consideration, Bike and Tours together with a selected few of the industry key players decided to collaborate and design a tour that covers both parts of West and East Sabah. This was when the idea of “Best of Sabah ” was conceptualized.

The carefully crafted tour was designed to ensure that you get to experience not only the highlights of Sabah but also discovering the off beaten path through different means of adventure. We have done the extensive research so you could enjoy and experience the significance of Sabah in just 11 days!

The tour begins in West of Sabah as one of our partners introduces you to the countryside and surroundings at the Kinabalu Park. Satisfy your adrenaline rush through cycling and paragliding whilst you discover the beauty of this much talked about park.

After all the pedaling, you will be taken to Sepilok – the rehabilitation center for Borneo’s Orang Utan and Sunbear before you embark on relaxing river cruises in search of the wildlife of Borneo such as the proboscis monkeys, crocodiles, hornbills, pygmy elephants and orang utan.

After a much-deserved relaxing activity, you will be transferred to Sukau the next day – another opportunity to look out for the Borneo wildlife. Once in Sukau, you will hop on the bicycle and ride your way to the Gomantong Caves and discover what is in store at this cave that brings economic wellbeing to the people of Sabah.

Your next destination will take you to the rustic town of Lahad Datu. Here, you will stay at Bike and Tours Bed and Breakfast to rest and rejuvenate before you embark on your next adventure into the tropical rainforest of Danum Valley!

Once well rested, you begin your adventure the day after by cycling from the Towers of Heaven in Silam Mountain to Taliwas Recreation area . This is the same road that leads to Danum Valley and what better way to be introduced to this tropical rainforest by discovering it on a bicycle before being transferred by the 4WD. Once in the jungle, you get to trek the jungle with professional nature guide in search of wildlife and also discovery on the flora in Danum Valley.

As your adrenaline thirst is almost complete, you get to pedal one last time on this tour and bid farewell in style to the Danum Valley rainforest – tested to be the best method to end your jungle adventure here. Spending another night in Lahad Datu is essential before you try out the sun, sand and sea adventure in the beautiful and tranquil Mataking Island.